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ARTIS Collective offers a consultation service for your small business. With decades of experience in branding, marketing, small business setup, lead generation tips & tricks, we would love to help you meet your growth goals.

We help you build ideas, strategies and goals to grow your business.

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Small Business Billing

Tired of paper invoices? Chasing old accounts? Sending out manual reminders?

Let us show you how to move your billing into an electronic system that automates, creates periodic reports, connects directly with TurboTax®, offers inclusive debit card and savings.

We'll help you set it up, load in your customer base, and teach you how to absorb those credit card fees.


Staff Day

Is your internal staff morale low? Running out of ideas for motivation and excellence on your team?

Our 1-day workshops will likely transform your business. When you have happy team members, your customers feel it. When your internal culture is strong, your brand is stronger.

Business Team


Brand. Market. Grow.

This is your CMO's experience in a nutshell.

How to police your brand's consistency

How to launch Social Media management

How to manage online Business Profiles

SEO or search engine optimization helps & myths

How to (and when to) blog

Paid advertising consultation

When and where to execute on Print & Collateral


Soup to Nuts

Ready to take on the world with your awesome ideas?

Don't have a clue where to start?

Get your notebook ready. We'll sit down and cover everything there is to know across most industries.

We point you down the right roads, advise on do's and dont's, give you start-up statistics and common pitfalls. We tell you our story and get you on your way.

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